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    Mild mediterranean climateis ideal for every type of holiday. Enjoy in long sunny days wichcan provide you only warm mediterranean area.
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    Wild and beutifull montenegrin nature will fascinate all your sences – enjoy the pleasent expirience and have the best holiday and fun that you everhad.
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    Inbreathe fresh sea ear, swim in the warm and crystal clear Adriatic sea, sunbath undermediterranean sun... Simply, enjoy!
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All passengers are receiving the map of the Old town of Dubrovnik, with all cultural and historical monuments marked on it.

Trip to Dubrovnik is unique opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful towns on the Mediteranean. The famouse English writer George Bernard Show, during his visit to Dubrovnik said: " If you want to see heaven on earth, visit Dubrovnik."

After crossing the border you will enjoy in beautiful panoramic view on Croatian coast. Just before arrival to the Old town of Dubrovnik, we will have a photo break on the most beautiful viewpoint of Dubrovnik and the island Lokrum. During your free time at the Old town you can visit numerous monuments of the culture, museums, churches, palaces and fortresses.

And offcourse enjoy in one of the numerous caffes which conjure up wonderful atmosphere of this mediaeval town.



Ostrog Monastery

All passengers are receiving material about monastery and St. Basil of Ostrog. Monastery Ostrog with St.Basil miracle - worker represents the biggest Othodox Church in Montenegro. Ostrog Monastery was built in 1650, it's consinst of the Lower and Upper Monastery. The Upper Monastery is built 900 m above sea level and relics of St. Basil are kept in it. Monastery is the most visited sanctity in this region, is being visited by all believers regardless of their religion.

Visit to National restaturant is scheduled where we make coffie breaks according to your wishes , visit to Upper monastery, church od St. Martyr Stanko and Lower monastery as well.

On the way back from Ostrog Monastery we make a break for lunch. On the way back you will be able to see and to take photo of wonderful panorama of Slano Lake and the Bay of Boka Kotorska.




Exursion to Trebinje allowes you to visit the wonderful Old town and two monasteries in one day. The tour includes visit to Gracanica Monastery, endowment of Branko Tupanjac and visiting Monastery Tvrdoš which is the seat of the Zahum-Herzegovinian and Coastal Diocese, XII century. After visiting monasteries you will have a free time at the Old town.



Međugorje i Mostar

Experience the spirit of Medjugorje. Find out which phenomenom made Medjugorje one of the most famous and most visited places of pilgrimage in Catholic world.

Place of prayer and reconciliation. Since 1981 the Virgin Mary has been relaying messages of peace and prosperity and this is exactly what attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

After visiting Medjugorje enjoy in charms of one of the most famouse cities of Bosnia and Herzegovinia, the famous Mostar. Mostar was named after a bridge keepers ( mostari) on the banks of the River Neretva. Town is also known after a famous Old Bridge from 16 century. The Old Bridge is the first cultural monument in Bosnia and Herzegovinia which is on UNESCO'S list of protected cultural monuments of world. Visiting the region church St. Jacob, the Apparition Hill, Statue of the Queen of Peace...

Break for a lunch in restaurant. After break we will continue the journey to Mostar. Visiting the Old town and the famous Old Bridge.


Skadar Lake - Virpazar

Lake of Skadar is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula, widely known for its rich flora and fauna, and also a place of cultural and historical heritage of Montenegro.

Immediatly upon arrival we will have a boat ride where you will have the opportunity to see our natural beauty that will leave you breathless and remain deeply etched in your memories.

During the boat ride that lasts 2,5 – 4 hours you will have break for swimming and the opportunity to see the fortress Gržmur, Monastery of St. Nicholas, Monastery Kom, fortress Lesendro, Žabljak Crnojevića...

After boat ride we will continue with a lunch in restaturant.

On the way back from Skadar Lake we will visit River of Crnojevići.



Montenegro Tour (Perast, Njeguši, Lovćen, Cetinje)

Do not miss the opportunity to visit most important  cities and regions in history and culture of our country: Cetinje with its many monuments, gastronomic specialties,  Njegusi with Montenegrin cuisine, and visit one of the most important monuments of history and culture of the state, Njegoš Mausoleumon Lovcen.

The journey continues in one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world, the Bay of Kotor. We arrive in the old coastal town of Perast. After visiting Perast, we leave the coast and continue towards the interior of Montenegro wich represents completely different geographic units.

The road lead us to area of National park Lovćen, a place of authentic and unspoiled natural beauty.

Refreshments and a light snack are planned in a small mountain village Njegusi located at 900m above sea level and which at the same time has great historical significance because it is the birthplace of the dynasty Petrovic - Petar II Petrović Njegoš. After a snack at the restaurant we continue our trip to the mausoleum on Lovćen where you have free time to explore Njegoš mausoleum and for enjoyment in one of the most beautiful views that you can experience in Montenegro.

" From here you can see more and better , the limits of human and temporal moves and the world is open as a book." -Njegoš

After visiting the mausoleum we continue the journey to the old Montenegrin capital Cetinje. During your free time you can visit The palace of King Nikola  which is full of authenticity from the period of the rule of the royal family. Monastery of Cetinje represents a beacon of the Montenegrin centuries old struggle for freedom .




Montenegro Tour (Risan, Kotor, Budva, Sv. Stefan)


Trip to Europe's mostsouthern fjord is your opportunity to see the unique natural beauty of this bay and to get to know its history , culture and architecture.

You will be in opportunity to visit the oldest town in our region, Risan - the Roman god Hypnos mosaics dating from the second century AD. Visiting the Old Town of Kotor, which is, like the Bay, listed in  world heritage and protected by UNESCO. Visiting the Old Town of Budva gives you the possibility of visiting churches, museums and galleries, or shopping and enjoy in small cafes and unrepeatable atmosphere. You will enjoy in the shade of ancient olive trees and the view of Sveti Stefan, a town from the 15th century, today a unique city-hotel and a recognizable symbol of Montenegrin tourism. The journey continues towards the coast of  Herceg Novi,  photo break at the narrowest point of Boka bay offering a beautiful view of the town of Perast. We continue further to the oldest city in our region,  Risan-mosaics from the Roman god Hypnos from the second century AD.

Visit to the Old Town of Kotor, which is, like the Bay, listed in world heritage and protected by UNESCO. After visiting the old town of Kotor in 40 minutes you will enjoy in the shade of ancient olive trees and view of the town-hotel Sveti Stefan. After enjoing in the beauty of St. Stefan, following step is a visit to the Old town of Budva where you will be in possibility to visit churches, museums and galleries as well as for shopping and enjoying in small cafes and unrepeatable atmosphere.




Old Bar and Ulcinj


This trip will take you to the mostsouthern part of Montenegrin coast where you will see ancient cities, mosques, the most beautiful sandy beaches ... After visiting the Old Ulcinj, a famouse pirat town where even the famouse Cervantes was imprisoned, you will be able to visit the longest beach on the Adriatic - the Grand Beach of Ulcinj.(Velika plaža)

Old Bar (Stari Bar) resides in the base of the mountain Rumija, on a steep cliff, inaccessible from three sides. Its origin dates back to the time of arrival of the Slavs in the Balkan Penisunsula. After visiting the Old town of Bar , you will get a chance to see one of the oldest olive trees in the world, sprung up two millennia ago!

The trip will continue in towards Kotor, Budva and Petrovac. Many photo breaks on beautiful viewpoints.




Tara Rafting


Rafting on Tara River is one of the most exciting experiences you can live in Montenegro. After Colorado Canyon in America, the Tara River Canyon is the deepest in the world. It represents a unique oasis of tranquility and  unspoiled  nature. You will have the opportunity to see the beautiful panorama of the Bay of Kotor, Islans of Perast, Slano Lake and the Piva River Canyon . Upon arrival at Scepan Polje a rich food is expecting us with National cuisin , after breakfast we will have a jeep drive 12 km to place where the boats are expecting us and from where starts the 18 km rafting on the Tara River and enjoyment in beautiful area of Canyon. During the rafting you will have an opportunity to see the wonderful waterfall , the cave and at small beaches you will have the opportunity to swim.

Exciting but harmless rafting can not be described by words but you have to experience it. After rafting the lunch is expecting you in Kamp.


Montenegro Canyons


This excursion gives you the opportunity to tour the whole of Montenegro in only one day. Driving and photo breaks in the canyons of Morača and Tara, offering the best panoramic views in our country, will provide you an experience that will be deeply etched in your memory. Canyons represent one of the main attractions of the north part of the country. Tara River Canyon is the deepest in Europe (1300 m ) and second deepest canyon in the world , just after Colorado. Morača Canyon is one of the most beutiful in Europe, through wich the road was built after World War II. Morača River is beutiful and fast, its level increases signicantly after melting winter snow and after rain. The River is crystal clear and with its azure blue water leaves no one indiferent.

Departure is from Herceg Novi by ferry, through Budva to Cetinje. Photo break at Brajici - beutiful panorama of Budvanska Riviera. The journey continues towards Podgrica, where you can expect many photo breaks and visit to Moraca monastery. The trip includes the visit to the Monastery Moraca located in beautiful natural surroundings, with the central church devoted to Our Blessed Lady. The church is surrounded by premises where monks live their modest lives. Visit to the National Park Biogradska Gora, which, stripped with streams and coves, decorated with the beautiful Biogradsko Lake, and dressed with centuries - old forests and picturesque meadows, represents a magnificent gift of nature.

The journey continues to the beautiful canyon of the Tara River, and a photo break at the  famous bridge in Montenegro  Djurdjevica Bridge Tara. In the afternoon we arrive in the Durmitor National Park  where  we will visit the Black Lake.



Tara Rafting




Break for morning coffee on the way from Budva to Cetinje in national restaurant.

Many  photo breaks in the canyon Moraca

Visit to Monastery Moraca

Then continue further to National Park Biogradska gora

Tour of Biogradsko jezero

Many photo breaks in the canyon of Tara

Retaining at Djurdjevica Bridge

Arrival at the mountain resort of Zabljak, a tour of the Black Lake, stopping for lunch.

Drive to camp Grab in Scepan Polje, dinner, accommodation.





Breakfast, jeep ride to Brstanovica, the starting point of rafting

Preparation for rafting (dressing equipment with helmets, safety belts ...')

Lowering by the most attractive cascades and rapids on Tara

Breaks during the rafting on locations suitable for a break, photography of, swimming ....)

Arrival at the camp, lunch.

Departure to Herceg Novi through Niksic, Grahovo and Risan.




Visit the " Last secret of Europe", the country wich was for a long time hidden behind the "iron curtain" and wich now opens its door  to tourists from all over the world to show its hospitality and cultural, historical and natural beauties.






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