• Hotel Lighthouse

    Mild mediterranean climateis ideal for every type of holiday. Enjoy in long sunny days wichcan provide you only warm mediterranean area.
  • Hotel Lighthouse

    Wild and beutifull montenegrin nature will fascinate all your sences – enjoy the pleasent expirience and have the best holiday and fun that you everhad.
  • Hotel Lighthouse

    Inbreathe fresh sea ear, swim in the warm and crystal clear Adriatic sea, sunbath undermediterranean sun... Simply, enjoy!
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Rent a car

Whether you're on family holiday, busness trip, entirely adaptible to your needs, we offer car rental services. We have the new quality vehicles that will provide you security and a sense of luxury.

Price of rent - a - car service depends of your wishes, choice of car and can vary from 35 to 100 € per day.



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